Sentinels reportedly acquires TenZ from Cloud9 in 7-figure buyout

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is one of the best Valorant players in the world and is known because of his impressive gun skills and ability to clutch in any given situation. He is also one of the reasons behind Sentinels’ recent success. According to the article by BestPVPers, there was a loan signed between C9 and Sentinels back in March and in this contract, there was an option to buy out a contract which they exercised by buying out Tenz as a substitute to Jay “sinatraa” Won who is still under contract with Sentinels.

These rumors about this contract started to appear after Sentinels won the VCT Masters Two Reykjavik LAN event with Tenz carrying his team-leading in both average combat score and kill-death ratio.

Before joining Sentinels Tenz played for Cloud9 as part of their Valorant roster but later he

Voluntarily decided to step down to focus on his career as a content creator instead. And one of the reasons behind that was Covid because there was no international competition. But since the international competition was coming back and he was provided an opportunity to play as a substitute he decided to cap on this opportunity and joined Sentinels.

Since joining Sentinels the team has won NA Masters One, the NA Challengers Finals for Stage Two, and VCT Masters Two. throughout all the VIctories team environment was amazing and there were no concerns raised by any teammates and they have expressed their desires of playing together for a long time.

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